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Product Information

  • Dual Mounting System supports 180mm and 200mm Fan Slots
    Installation at 180mm as well as at 200mm fan slots due to universal mounting system.
  • Shift Speed Control (SSC)
    Multi-purpose fan for easy customisation according to the system requirements. With a small switch at the back, the peak speed can be changed in three steps: Ultra Silent Mode (600 RPM) / Silent Mode (900 RPM) / Performance Mode (1,200 RPM).
  • Slim Size
    Perfect choice for side panel mounting due to its slim size of just 20mm.

Powerful Cooling

  • Vortex Frame Design
    The special frame generates a powerful air twirl that concentrates the fresh air and leads it directly to the hot spots of the system.
  • Turbine Blades
    High-performance fan blades providing an air flow rate of up to 209.77 m³/h (Performance Mode).

Eye-catching Effects

  • Bright Colours
    Leading Enermax LED technology for more intensive light effects and much brighter colours. Patented circular LED light with 18 or 24 diodes.
  • Vegas Light Show*
    Spectacular four-colour light show with 24 diodes (6x blue, 6x red, 6x green, 6x white), 6 LED modes to choose from and memory function. 
    *only UCTVQ18A
  • Focus Blades
    With light reflex strips to create exceptional, curved rays of light.

Included in the Delivery

  • 18/20cm T.B.Apollish/T.B.Vegas Quad fan
  • 4 screws
  • 3-pin to 4-pin molex adapter

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