Spirit of Gamer Xpert-K400

8 000,00 DA

To ensure you win

Designed for action, the Spirit of Gamer Xpert-K400 is a high-performance, ultra-responsive mechanical keyboard. It features Victory Blue switches that provide ultra-fast response times compared to conventional membrane keyboards. It's ideal for gaming, and features anti-ghosting technology, RGB backlighting and of course, the ultimate in durability to ensure you win.


The Spirit of Gamer Xpert-K400 keyboard is equipped with Victory Blue switches that offer ultra-fast response times to give you a clear advantage over your opponents. In fact, the keys require only 60 grams of pressure and have a 2 mm actuation distance.

And with the advanced anti-ghosting feature and 6-key N-Key Rollover, every hit is registered. So with anti-gosthing technology, you get extra security and can string together keystrokes without a hitch!


The Spirit of Gamer Xpert-K400 allows you to proudly display your colours thanks to its customisable RGB backlight. Choose from no less than 16 million colours to give your keyboard a unique look.

The 3 master keys offer a direct shortcut to multimedia functions (play, pause, etc.) or to customise the backlighting.

You will also be able to create up to 3 different profiles and select the backlight from 20 predefined effects: Neon, Flash, Shadow... but also the speed of the effects and the brightness of the keyboard.


  • Mechanical keyboard for gamers
  • Victory Blue switch for ultra-fast response time
  • Actuation distance: 2 mm
  • Activation force: 60 g
  • Customizable RGB backlighting (20 modes, 3 profiles, adjustable brightness, ...)
  • Anti-ghosting technology
  • Windows key can be disabled
  • 3 Master keys
  • 12 multimedia shortcuts
  • High quality finish with metal surface
  • Connectivity: Gold-plated USB in braided nylon
  • 1.80 meter cable
  • Dimensions: 440 x 132 x 35 mm
  • Weight: 0.75 kg

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